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Asian Pink on White CLAY BeadAsian Pink on White CLAY Bead
Blue Daisy on White CLAY BeadBlue Daisy on White CLAY Bead
Blue Daisy with Red  CLAY BeadBlue Daisy with Red CLAY Bead
Blue Flower Child CLAY BeadBlue Flower Child CLAY Bead
Blue Flowers on Black CLAY BeadBlue Flowers on Black CLAY Bead
Doodle CLAY BeadDoodle CLAY Bead
Emerald Isle CLAY BeadEmerald Isle CLAY Bead
Flora Print CLAY BeadFlora Print CLAY Bead
Flower Petals on Black CLAY BeadFlower Petals on Black CLAY Bead
Golden Hibiscus Flower CLAY BeadGolden Hibiscus Flower CLAY Bead
Irish Ivy CLAY BeadIrish Ivy CLAY Bead
Orange Blueberry CLAY BeadOrange Blueberry CLAY Bead
Pink Flower with dots CLAY BeadPink Flower with dots CLAY Bead
Pink Flower with Yellow CLAY BeadPink Flower with Yellow CLAY Bead
Red Art Deco CLAY BeadRed Art Deco CLAY Bead
Red Aztec CLAY BeadRed Aztec CLAY Bead
Rose Petals Black CLAY BeadRose Petals Black CLAY Bead
Simply Red Daisy CLAY BeadSimply Red Daisy CLAY Bead
Sunny Day CLAY BeadSunny Day CLAY Bead
Tangerine Spots CLAY BeadTangerine Spots CLAY Bead
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