All Glass beads are hand crafted

All Glass beads are hand crafted

Sterling silver, 4.0-4.5 mm bore. Compatible with all popular 3mm European style bracelets. 
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Amber Gold Glass Cube BeadAmber Gold Glass Cube Bead
Amber Stripes Glass Cube BeadAmber Stripes Glass Cube Bead
Aqua Petals Murano Glass BeadAqua Petals Murano Glass Bead
Aqua Swirl Glass BeadAqua Swirl Glass Bead
Asian Bamboo Glass BeadAsian Bamboo Glass Bead
Beige Swirl Glass BeadBeige Swirl Glass Bead
Black and White Glass BeadBlack and White Glass Bead
Black Forest Glass Cube BeadBlack Forest Glass Cube Bead
Black Gold Foil Glass BeadBlack Gold Foil Glass Bead
Black Silver Half Glass BeadBlack Silver Half Glass Bead
Black Snake Glass BeadBlack Snake Glass Bead
Blue & Pink Pansies Glass BeadBlue & Pink Pansies Glass Bead
Blue Dandelion Glass BeadBlue Dandelion Glass Bead
Blue Diachroic Glass BeadBlue Diachroic Glass Bead
Blue Dot Glass BeadBlue Dot Glass Bead
Blue Frog Glass BeadBlue Frog Glass Bead
Blue Ocean Glass Cube BeadBlue Ocean Glass Cube Bead
Blue on Black Glass BeadBlue on Black Glass Bead
Blue Petals Floral Glass BeadBlue Petals Floral Glass Bead
Blue Sky Glass Cube BeadBlue Sky Glass Cube Bead
Blue Sky Green Earth Glass BeadBlue Sky Green Earth Glass Bead
Blue Swirl Glass BeadBlue Swirl Glass Bead
Blueberry Cream Murano Glass BeadBlueberry Cream Murano Glass Bead
Butterscotch Candy Glass BeadButterscotch Candy Glass Bead
Butterscotch Cream Murano Glass BeadButterscotch Cream Murano Glass Bead
Candy Colors Glass BeadCandy Colors Glass Bead
Caramel Cream Glass BeadCaramel Cream Glass Bead
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