Karate Kick Black Belt  Floating Locket Charm

Karate Kick Black Belt Floating Locket Charm

Karate Kick Black Belt  Floating Locket Charm
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This is a high quality Floating Locket Charm in an exclusive and detailed design!   Don't be fooled by copy cats.  We have the originals! 

These charms are compatible with Origami, Living Lockets, and all standard Floating Lockets. Approximately 1/4 " W/L

Roussio brand goes the extra mile when manufacturing their floating charms:  starting with nickel free brass or white copper base metal (instead of alloy with unknown mixed metals) and gold plating.   

Brass and white copper are exceptional base metals, because they allow for greater detail and control when making the mould.   (This is why cheaper alloy charms are muted, bland and not very clear).  Our charms are extremely detailed, as you will see when comparing to copy cat charms out there.

A UV protection is also added to the sealant so your charm will never crack, fade or peel.  The end result is a beautiful color and detailed charm. 

We know our floating locket charms are the best available.  How else can we offer a LIFETIME guarantee? 

Size Floating Locket charm range between 1/4"-3/8" (inch)

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